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Send Brisbane Pride Choir to World Pride in 2023

World Pride will be held in Sydney in February 2023. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity where people across our communities will come together to celebrate pride. World Pride will encompass Mardi Gras and Out & Loud Choral Festival, which will be open to international LGBTIQ+ choirs who can make the trip to Sydney. 

Out & Loud Choral festival is held roughly every 3 years and is a time for LGBTIQ+ choirs across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacifics to come together in song, performing in various locations, taking part in choral workshops and getting together with our sibling choirs, accumulating with a Gala event and a massed choral performance with all choirs singing together on one stage. 

It will cost approximately $1000 per person to attend the festival. This is expected to cover flights, accommodation and registration fees. As this is such a unique opportunity, we are asking for help from our community so we can cover as much of that cost as possible.

Donations are not tax deductible.

Businesses wanting to sponsor a member or multiple members to attend are encouraged to contact the Choir Treasurer via email 

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